Robert Newkirk is available as an on air guest for radio, TV and Internet shows. His view is unique on how the power of words can manifest into what the future will bring. He also offers insight on how reinforced positive thinking helps bring our possibilities into reality.

Additionally, Robert is available to discuss his 12-concept approach to helping people regain their personal power by seeing themselves in a whole new light. These 12 concepts include:

  • The three mental steps needed to take action for change: awareness, question, correction.
  • Know where your true source of power comes from and how to utilize It.
  • Understand the correlation between Webster’s Dictionary and your ability to succeed or fail.
  • Learn about the five diamonds that govern THEE Tree of Life, which is the blueprint for spiritual and physical success.
  • Learn the process of transforming from being reactive to becoming proactive.
  • Learn why Webster’s motto, “The Voice of Authority,” is detrimental to your ability to become empowered.
  • Learn how powerful words are and how the perception of words can draw out or suppress your gift of power from within.
  • Learn what chaos and your inner gift of power have in common.
  • Become introduced to the metrics that measures the growth of the spirit through THEE Tree of Life.
  • Understand how your thoughts and actions alone have tremendous effect on everything around you for the infinitesimal moment in time and how that transforms all of your future outcomes.
  • Learn about the six self evolutionary phases of THEE Diamond of Life.
  • Learn the ten concepts that will “draw out” your true source of empowerment.

To discuss an interview with Robert Newkirk, please contact him directly at: 703-541-8294