Motivational Speaker

Robert Newkirk has many roles where he provides inspiration and motivation to help people continue to grow in positive ways. Robert is frequently engaged as a speaker for youth groups, churches, a variety of associations and organizations, as well at the non-profit he created for underserved youths (My Aerospace Academy).

If you are seeking an individual to help your guests:

  1. Learn about the significant and negative effect on their environment and themselves through the use of the English language
  2. Discover the self-limiting beliefs they have adopted and allow to influence their decision making and interaction with peers, associates, family and friends
  3. Replace their negative personal beliefs with positive ones that result in a happier and more successful life through an easy-to-understand method …

Robert Newkirk can develop a presentation specifically for your event.

Robert Newkirk has developed a 12-concept process that helps people learn about their self-limiting beliefs and replace them with the beliefs that will allow them to live their most successful lives. To learn more, contact Robert Newkirk at 571/217-1980.