Critical Thought #5: The Power of Love

Humility is simply believing and accepting what God says about us, and God says that we are anything but worthless.- Myles Munroe

God is love. Love is the divine connection that links all of us together. Love is an attitude of the heart, not just an emotion. The English language extremely limits the vast power that love has to offer. Therefore, in our understanding of it, we use it to describe our feelings and attitude towards a wide range of objects. However, love actually falls into four major different types of love in Egyptian Hieroglythics as well as the Hebrew and Greek languages. These types of love are phileo, storge, eros, and agape. Each type identifies a separate and distinct type of love.

Phileo represents the love of friendship, the most generic of all the love types. We being social creatures by nature are very familiar with this type of love. Most relationships whether professional, social, emotional, or marital, start with this type of love. It creates friendships in our outer circle down to friendships in our inner circle.

Storge represents the love of family. This includes the affection developed between parents and their children and vice versa. It also represents the close feelings that exist between siblings and one’s extended family such as grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. However, this love is not necessarily guaranteed, yet we often take it for granted because everyone is family. Yet there is extreme power built in this type of love that brings everyone together or it can be very destructive if this love is betrayed. So beware of exercising storge due to obligation as opposed to desire lasix pills 100 mg.

Eros is the most popular of the love types as it represents sexual love. However, this can be misleading because sex has nothing to do with love and they are not codependent on each other. Eros then becomes a warm, intimate expression of love, but not love itself. Sensuality or lust is the center of focus and a person who only focus on this type of love has no regard for the feelings or desires of the other person. They are only interested in personal gratification and cares less of human dignity.

Agape is the deepest of the love types as it represents divine or unconditional love. This is the highest type of love that we as human beings can strive for. This is the love God has for THEE’s people as well as the love THEE’s people give back to THEE. We are also supposed to have this type of love for one another unconditionally. When we accomplish this type of love, then and only then does God become one with us. Agape is oneness in heart and spirit. The power here is that it is a choice (tomorrow’s power topic). Love is not a feeling, but a decision. Agape is constant, yet we often want to change our terms with it due to certain conditions. Yet, what we fail to realize is that those conditions can often be mitigated by maintaining agape love.

There is massive power in love as each type allows us to synergize our powers with other people to maximize the potential to create something awesome and grand. Replace the love of power with the power of love!

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