Critical Thought #20: The Essence of Power

When the Power of Love conquers the Love of Power, the world will then find peace. – Jimi Hendrix

This week’s critical thinking will focus on the essence of power. Power according to Webster’s Dictionary is defined as “the ability to control or influence someone or something.” This definition is very misleading and I consider it one of the major causes of the ills the world is having today. So according to Webster, if I want to be powerful, then I can only prove it by having control or influence over someone else. That is what I consider to be “offensive power.” The only problem is this type of power is limited as what goes around comes around. Sooner or later, somebody else will assume that same power over me. So allow me to redefine that definition for you. I define power as “the ability to put yourself in a state so that no one can have control or influence over you.” This eliminate the proof of being powerful, you just are. This is a form of divine power, which is eternal. If people were to embrace this definition into their psyche, the need to have control can easily be replaced by the need to connect. Connecting with other people will bring into alignment an ultimate power that includes everyone in taking part. This opens up for the different types of power to occur which will all be covered this week: The Power of Love, The Power of Choice, The Power of Presence, The Power of Questioning, and The Power of Faith w/ Action.

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