Critical Thought #4: The Art of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has a direct correlation with critical thinking.
Both together will lead to ultimate success.

Positive thinking requires a grand outlook on what you expect to come. Critical thinking is taking that positive thought and breaking it down to ensure that every detail is considered so that execution will bring the positive result that you are looking for. However, be careful of boxing yourself in to only one end result. As an engineer, I am always looking to plan ahead and anticipate a desired outcome so that there are no surprises. That is the left-brain doing its work. However, to guarantee success, we must also let the right-brain do its work and set up for the artistic spontaneity that is required when the execution of that plan becomes real time. This is critical thinking at its best. We must allow flexibility for our plan to change instantly and give acceptance when the outcome is altered slightly after the execution. In most cases, success with this combination turns out to be much better than ever anticipated. How do we allow ourselves to get in the way of this process so that success has a shortcoming? What can we do to ensure that our insecurities do not get in the way of our success?

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