Critical Thought #2: Vote 2009

Vote 2009
Hurray, we voted in Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States! Also, the House of Representatives and the Senate are situated such that the majority of the congressmen are in direct support of the President. That process all took place in November 2008. Our job is complete. We are happy and content. So what is this about the vote in 2009? It cannot possibly be important because 2008 is set for the next two years and four years for the President. There was no need to vote. Wrong! The Vote of 2009 was very important because it was for key positions that are closer to home. The Governors for Virginia and New Jersey were up for election as well as the State Attorney Generals and the Vice Governors. For the President to become fully effective, those positions also needed to be in alignment with him. But this year, the turn out was very low and especially in the state of Virginia, the vote went back to the old traditional ways of the state. The Republicans swept every position up for election. In the USA Today, it quoted that the GOP chief calls win a ‘blow’ to Obama. Why, because many of you neglected to get out and vote in accordance to how you did in 2008. Your vote was very important, but you didn’t cast it. I went to the polls in Virginia on Tuesday and there were very few people there voting and this was right after work hours when most people actually vote. If you are still under the impression that your vote really doesn’t matter, you are highly mistaken. There are people out there that are plotting to undermine the President and his administration. The plot starts at the state elected officials which this election represented. Knowing you probably would not come out to vote, the first step to undermining has been completed. This election sets a new stage for the vote in 2010 where a many states are setting up for key positions up for grabs. You helped them out by not voting. Why are people not taking voting seriously?

If you did go out and vote this past Tuesday, please let everyone else

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