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Healing In America

   If there has ever been a time for healing in America, now is the time.  If you take a snapshot of all the controversial issues that dwell in the news today, America is on the pathway to a relationship implosion, whether through the family, communal, societal, or national. Whether it bounds around the issue […]

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Speaking at the Boy’s Leadership Conference

Last Friday, I had a wonderful opportunity speaking to a Boy’s Leadership Group at Westfield High School located in Chantilly, VA for their Thanksgiving Luncheon. These were students that when they first came to the high school were not meeting the academic standards and were having behavioral issues. My topic was, “The Essence of Work […]

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Critical Thinking Series

Good morning! This week starts our critical thinking series. This series will coach and train us to look deeper into things that have direct impact on our lives that we may not have considered before. The range is from issues that affect our mental outlook, procrastination practices, efficiency, and health. Please feel free to ask […]

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